Truly, Madly, Guilty (Liane Moriarty)

Having ventured out of the house early this morning for some fresh air and breakfast while the hubby watched V1 and V2, I’m staying in for their naps. Despite the near perfect weather today I can’t resist sitting down with the current read (not to mention the essential accompaniments!)

A perfect Sunday
Dreamy Sundays

We both deserve a bit of reading downtime this afternoon. Having had a packed Saturday involving an impromptu trip on the ferry (V2 absolutely adored it despite occasional panic at the wind and noisy rudders!) and Vincent was his usual boisterous self, jumping on the seat too close to the edge with us both constantly grabbing and ruining the serenity with the magical two letter word we become so accustomed to as parents. We decided to push our luck with trying a new coffee place highly recommended by some of friends (all without kids so they can actually enjoy a leisurely coffee!) and our gamble didn’t pay. After guzzling our coffees in almost one mouthful and hastily exiting we scurried home for nap time as tempers frayed.

Perhaps it was sheer optimism that saw us drag them both to the shops for groceries – they love outings! After racing through the shop in an attempt to set a record for efficiency, they both lost it simultaneously at the checkout – we’d come so close. It wasn’t entirely without reason as V1’s acrobatics and his attempts to perfect his spins on the bar at the checkout led to a small, but obviously not insubstantial head bump – V2 clearly loves her brother so much she went out in sympathy (or perhaps she loves the attention, I suspect it’s the latter). My husband made a hasty exit with the V1 and his sore cranium  – (NB: this is the kid who everyday responds to ‘what did you do at school?’ with ‘I bumped my head’ so having done the appropriate checks to confirm he was OK we pushed on.)

So today is a quiet one and I’m thankful because I haven’t been able to put this book down. This is of course figurative, and in fact the opposite is more true given the lack of reading time over the last few days.

This, like all of Moriarty’s other brilliant books, is such an exquisite escape. Her characters are just so realistic and they have me feeling like I might (or actually want!) to meet them on the way to my local cafe or park. Their relationships are so complex yet so similar to the things that young families go through each day. The three couples are perfectly balanced between the happy and seemingly carefree wealthy couple (a second marriage) with one child, the childless couple who live with an amazing sense of order and balance (and like to provide advice to those both with and without kids about how to do things a little better) and the young family with two young kids who wonder how on earth they could consistently keep losing only the things the kids actually want and balancing these issues with their other worries such as their careers . Their relationships with each other as friends as well as partners is irrevocably changed following their attendance at an impromptu backyard barbecue, and Moriarty’s choice to jump from past (the day of the barbecue) to present (several weeks following) for each alternating chapter has meant I haven’t been able to turn the pages fast enough. I am fully expectant I will experience the usual remorse and subsequent book hangover as a result of reading too quickly following the conclusion of this one!

I’m loving every minute of it and will sign off now – to try and finish it before the kids wake!!


Author: ReadingMumma

I'm a Mum of 2 who loves reading (when I can find the time!). I'm embarking on the challenge of reading the 2017 Dymocks top 101.

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