A Kid-free Trip to Dymocks

As you know, my last trip book shopping was somewhat eventful as V2 decided to snap a carrot, as my sister would say, right as I decided to commence the slow browse. So this time I decided to make the trip kid-free and see if I had some more success.

In my previous trip, the usual peace and tranquillity of being in a giant room filled with books quickly evaporated as I rushed through the shop, tossing books into the pram I had usefully bought along to use as a trolley (since V2 wouldn’t have a bar of sitting in it). All while she attempted to back flip and roll out of my arms as I loaded each of the books onto the counter, only then realising most were ‘off list’ purchases – aahh impulse buying. (Inevitably amidst the chaos of V2, I forgot the Gruffalo’s Child which resulted in a very unimpressed V1. He was quickly placated by the SIKU construction truck gift pack I didn’t even realise you could buy in a bookstore!)

For this trip the day started a little poorly, if i’m honest, which didn’t bode well. V2 smashed most of her weetbix out of my hand, consistently wiped the contents spilling from her nose across her face (great timing for her top teeth to commence their descent!) and then threw her water bottle into my near full coffee cup nestled safely under my chair (she’s got skills). Let’s just say when I dropped her and V1 off at her very first practise run away from me today for a couple of hours, my hopes were sitting safely around the low to middle bracket of having time to get everything done.

I must admit the anxiousness about the tears I knew she would shed (and the subsequent tears I knew V1 would shed in sympathy – he’s such a good big bro) did put a slight dampener on things. This was quickly followed by something only akin to incredulousness at how she went to the carer so easily (or was it disappointment?), no tears or anything while I was in sight. Was my anxiousness about today all in my head? Did I actually want her to cry and miss me horribly? Would I and my worries be vindicated later in the day?

As the passing of time would only answer that for me, I headed to the shops, somewhat lacking in my usual dose of caffeine but instead armed with a long shopping list and my efficiency hat (metaphorically for the latter of course). I managed a rather peaceful trip to twice as many stores as I would with kids in tow, and most notably a relaxing trip through Dymocks to pick some books from the new 101.

Since deciding to read through the list out of order, I decided to start with three that I haven’t read. I’ll then return to those I have already read as I near the end of the list! After a quick browse through the shelf, I walked out with three new additions to the collection. I haven’t read a thing about them, other than the fact that lots of other Dymocks readers voted for them so I’m excited to start and discover a gem or two. (The trip also saw me locate the much anticipated very own copy of Gruffalo’s Child (Julia Donaldson) so V1 will be very excited when he wakes!)


As my reading time today will be slightly curtailed given I had to collect both V1 and V2 before making it home (she had sobbed herself to sleep in the carer’s arms but she appears unscathed and happy as anything up on returning home!), I best get cracking. This, combined with the good news (I think) that the TV may in fact be fixed today, means goodbye extra reading time unless I can convince all parties in the house to leave the noise box switched off during the evening. That argument will keep and now as both V1 and V2 dream of dummies and fluffy sheep respectively, I’ll say eeny, meeny, miny moe (if that is in fact how you spell it) to pick which one will fill this rainy afternoon nap time.


Author: ReadingMumma

I'm a Mum of 2 who loves reading (when I can find the time!). I'm embarking on the challenge of reading the 2017 Dymocks top 101.

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