This is something I feel myself saying fairly constantly lately.

Sorry to my kids. Sorry to my husband. Sorry to the new puppy. Sorry to my work. Sorry to my book.

We just went away for the weekend for Easter as I’m sure many people did. I’m also sure many people also enjoyed the company of family but are now feeling the residual effects of chocolate overload! The Easter Bunny was far too kind to us, and now I find myself apologising a lot.

Firstly, I’m sorry that the Easter Bunny gave V1 so many eggs, that he is now not allowed to eat. You see, the Easter Bunny forgot that V2 is too little for eggs so he was generous enough to bring them all for V1 (Sorry V2, you’ll understand next year!) Sorry that I was so short tempered with him when I had let him eat far too many. Sorry that I listened to myself when I said “hey it’s Easter, it’s just one day”. Sorry that for him the word egg now automatically means chocolate. Not the yummy runny things we used to have for breakfast each day. It was cute while he lined them up in a row and counted them, and made snakes and trucks out of the line. But as the line got steadily shorter, so did our tempers as his energy levels increased exponentially. There was only one thing coming. A pretty big crash. It came. It conquered. And now we are left to pick up the chocolatey withdrawal pieces.

If there was one thing that came off the excess of Easter eggs, seeing V1 unwrap the first of all the eggs and give it to me. Then seeing him unwrap the second of all of the eggs and give it to Grandma. And finally seeing him unwrap the third of all of the eggs and give it to Grandpa. He is such a lovely little soul (It’s possible he also knew he had the equivalent of his body weight in eggs to get through and was daunted by such a task! But he has been known to selflessly give away his last smartie, so let’s go with the former.

Secondly, I’m sorry to my husband for hiding the rest of our Easter eggs (after eating just one more, of course). If V1 can’t have them, neither can we. Perhaps when we’re really good (or when my willpower fails, yet again) I will ‘find’ them for us!

Thirdly, sorry to the new puppy. In all the chocolatey excitement it seems Horus (the new puppy) was completely overlooked and he didn’t get anything from the Easter Bunny. Not even a non-chocolatey healthy snack. Something tells me he enjoyed all of the extra attention from the family (despite the fairly lengthy car ride to get there!)

Fourthly, sorry to my work. The excitement of family visits, packing, unpacking, repacking and the seventeen loads of washing that come with travelling (big shout out to my better half for doing most of them for me!) has meant not enough emphasis has been paid to getting ready for my return to work. I know we will get there in the end (and the oodles of Easter eggs that remain will help keep the endorphin levels steady as I drop one unhappy child to daycare while telling her big brother to sing to her when she gets sad, and embark on the commute that I haven’t done for over a year).

And finally, sorry to my book. It was dragged in and out of bags and cars all weekend with vague optimism that I would get to read it. In fact it was only opened enough for V1 and V2 to lose my pages, which incidentally happened more times than the number of pages I have actually read. I even went so far as to put it next to me on the couch while I slept. Maybe I absorbed some during my nap. Either way, it was within easy reach for V1, V2 and the dog. But I can promise it will get the attention it deserves when I return to work – the ‘quiet’ train trip will be a blessing in disguise!

Since we are talking about chocolate and being too busy to get things done, I should apologise to the softer parts of my post baby body. You are about to get softer. Sorry for the amount of chocolate I have eaten, will eat and will eat after knowing full well, that I am well full. (Does eating it faster mean less calories?)


Author: ReadingMumma

I'm a Mum of 2 who loves reading (when I can find the time!). I'm embarking on the challenge of reading the 2017 Dymocks top 101.

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