Letting Our Kids Get ‘Bored’

We don’t let ourselves do it. As I wondered yesterday why we cant seem to fight the irresistible urge to be constantly attached to some form of screen or entertainment, I thought this article was prescient.

‘Why you should do nothing when your child says ‘I’m bored” (Dr Vanessa Lapointe R. Psych)


Of the many things in this article that produced light bulb moments for me, Dr Lapointe tells us “Children need to sit in their own boredom for the world to become quiet enough that they can hear themselves”.

How can we teach our kids to do this, or even expect them to try if we don’t do the same?

I think I need to practice being bored. My brain might be more developed than my kids but making a little time for nothing each day would certainly be a welcome pursuit.

It was a few weeks ago when my better half and I realised we were overloading our kids’ schedules. Scheduled play dates.  Soccer lessons. Dinners with friends and family. Breakfasts out. Daily park trips becoming a tick box exercise rather than a product of the little one’s desire for the day. We did take a teeny step back and scale things down but it’s a huge challenge to focus on. Made all the more important now that we are both back at work, forever sprinting from one point to the next.

After this morning’s multiple outfit changes, preparation of 2 different breakfasts, a rather long hunt for a water bottle that had already been found once and lost again, combined with the puppy’s mild vomiting incident, the race to get out the door was all the more stressful. My better half and I managed coffee but no breakfast. Both forgot our packed lunch and today I made the train by just 30 seconds but in order to do so, had more than the usual amount of outbursts at the defiant V1 while getting ready. Given how rushed I was, it’s no wonder he decided not to play ball.

It’s important for kids to slow down, do nothing and get bored but I think I need to try to lead by example before expecting acceptance of boredom!




Author: ReadingMumma

I'm a Mum of 2 who loves reading (when I can find the time!). I'm embarking on the challenge of reading the 2017 Dymocks top 101.

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