Best Intentions

While I was prepping dinner and listening to some music, V2 was enjoying her sausage rolls in her high chair, V1 came flying inside yelling ‘I want to show you the bug, Mummy’ in a hugely excited tone.  Ordinarily I would have just said ‘I’ll come outside later’ but his tone was just so excited, I washed dinner off my hands, checked V2 could reach her water and food and sprinted outside.

‘Where is the bug?” I asked. ‘It’s up there’ he responded. Meaning up the two separate mini sets of stairs in our triple level concrete backyard. Meaning he needed assistance to avoid a stair stumble as it was getting dark. Meaning I couldn’t leave V2 eating by herself for that long.

“Hang on a second buddy, I need to get V2 so she isn’t alone in the chair”. (She’s a little Houdini and can get her legs out of her straps so no unsupervised high chairing!) I ran back inside, scooped her up and in no time heard a loud bang followed by a pained wail.

It turns out, that in the time it took me to sprint inside and get V2, V1 got bored, searched his options and found a ‘suitable’ way to fill the time. The loose brick on the brick wall near the garden was the perfect subject. The choice of entertainment was in the form of testing gravity as the brick fell on his foot.

I had a very Matrix moment similar to the knocking over of the vase where I thought to myself if I had just gone with him in the first place and chanced V2 in the chair, it would have been different. The chance of V2 climbing out were slim (she was only 1/3 through her sausage roll and when she eats, she eats as if she’s on a mission – we are very lucky!), and V1 wouldn’t have needed to entertain himself thus we would have avoided injury. My best intentions to avoid an accident allowed a different one to occur.

Bottom line, when we just had V1, I had huge difficulties accepting his cuts, scrapes, bumps and other injuries that just seem to come out of the most bizarre situations. Now that we have V1 and V2 I am trying to be comfortable with the concept that I can do my absolute best to watch and do everything in my power to prevent serious injury, but having a near 3 year old boy and 1 year old girl means that bizarre accidents abound, irrespective of my best intentions. I only hope they continue to be minor injuries and I know they are all an important part of the learning curve, particularly for V1, the headstrong toddler. I certainly hope he is a fast learner and V2 learns by observation. It will save us all many tears.

And in summary, I didn’t get to see the bug.


Author: ReadingMumma

I'm a Mum of 2 who loves reading (when I can find the time!). I'm embarking on the challenge of reading the 2017 Dymocks top 101.

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