Friday Musings and Highlights

I forgot my book on the train today so here are some bits and pieces to ponder for the day!

– V1’s favourite teacher at school is…….. “fire truck”.

– When asking someone if I was on the right train (I was trying a new train hop to get home earlier this week), I explained I wanted to get home for baths and dinner, they responded ‘I would have thought you’d be going slower to ensure you miss it’.

– I went through the whole day of work yesterday before getting changed into my PJs at home when I realised my skirt was on sideways. Not backwards at least. Not inside out, but still – sideways. (I’m a repeat offender in this regard. At the grocery shop recently I wondered why those annoying coat hanger hangy bits in my top were constantly coming out. I got two comments at the shops that I looked nice – we go the same time every Sunday so have made friends with the deli and checkout ladies – and didn’t realise til arriving home  (after having gone out for breakfast) that my top was on inside out).

– I’m having days at the moment where I’m convinced that going to the bathroom is a necessary interruption to force a break, however I’d get so much more done if I didn’t have to.

– I’ve decided that since I have so little time to eat on home days (mostly kids leftovers) I should make up for this on workdays in the form of croissants, donuts and lunches out (not sure why I’m worrying about the detrimental health impact of the 3rd (or, let’s be honest – the 4th) coffee).

– V2 is in the stage of being comfortable with the concept of going to daycare.  V1 felt the need to compensate by attaching himself to my legs and screaming ‘don’t leave me’ to ensure my heart strings were sufficiently pulled.

Happy Friday ! I’m celebrating by making the early train, having another coffee and going out for Italian for lunch (and taking the time to check that all my clothes are on the right way!)



Author: ReadingMumma

I'm a Mum of 2 who loves reading (when I can find the time!). I'm embarking on the challenge of reading the 2017 Dymocks top 101.

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