The Race to 9am

I’m very excited. Tomorrow I am doing daycare pick up instead of drop off.

Instead of being mean angry mummy who yells demands all morning, while trying to pack bags, blowdry and put my face on until we finally get to the car. I get to be cool mummy who rescues the kids from daycare after daddy left them there !

This morning was just a comedy of errors, one type of comedy I’m not eager to repeat.

– V2 slept in til 7am. Normally this is a miracle but on school days this presents a struggle since we have to be in the car by 7.25am.

– It was freezing so we needed beanies. So we put them on. Then on again. Then on. Then lost the hot pink one and put the pale pink one on.  Then back on. Then we held it and listened to V2 whinge that she wanted it on. So we put it on. Again.

– We made it to the car only 5 minutes late (with beanies off) but this makes the 7.52am train an almost impossibility. Only an impossibility by 30 seconds.  Those 30 seconds were spent going back to the car to check it was locked instead of making the train. Need to work on the need to check.

– The 8.06am was jam packed and as a result of our tardiness I had people touching me on every side as more and more people jammed in, despite it being quite clearly full.

– Arriving at just before 9am I was too late to get my favourite standing desk (agile workplace!)

Thankfully, at work I managed to turn it around and knock a few small goals to redeem the day (3 double coffees didn’t hurt!) – and came up with the brilliant idea to switch drop off and pick ups for tomorrow and THAT is why I’m very excited for tomorrow ! It’s the little things.

Happy (almost) Friday! (And it’s croissant Friday too!)


Author: ReadingMumma

I'm a Mum of 2 who loves reading (when I can find the time!). I'm embarking on the challenge of reading the 2017 Dymocks top 101.

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