Friday Musings and Highlights

– it’s interesting that the average toddler grip results in an inability to hold a cup without spilling, a spoon without dropping food, or your hand tight enough while walking to the park that you feel they are safe.  However, show them a ‘lift the flap’ book and they have a grip to rival any member of the ape family (NB: V2 strengthens her grip by practising on my hair so this skill is not exclusively reserved for book renovations).

– despite my best efforts to have everyone sit together for meals, I often end up eating alone.  Tonight I sat with V1 and V2 at their little table. 5 minutes after they had abandoned their seats and half full plates, it occurred to me I probably didn’t need to continue eating on my knees at their table. I did it anyway.  I couldn’t be bothered to move. (I shouldn’t complain – the alternative usually sees me eating with V2 on my lap and me VERY carefully knife and forking my dinner both around her body and over her head).

– while eating uncomfortably perched at the small table, I watched V1 and V2 play together with the puppy – harmoniously.  They were laughing. And chasing. And smiling. And having fun. And playing games. Until, (as the truism of ‘it’s all fun and games until…’ ran through my head), V2 tripped over her toe and smashed her face onto the rim of the waiting Tonka truck  (those things are toddler proof – she came off second best).  For context she’s 15 months and just walking…. and her pyjama pants are too long… and her belly is so big she barrels along…. and she’s trying her utmost to run…. she didn’t stand a chance of staying upright for long once she attempted to get some speed up.

– my mind was blown this week when I worked out Miss Polly Had a Dolly is almost identical to If You’re Happy and You Know it. I suspect I’m coming late to the party on discovering that one. As I said. Mind. Blown.  (Shouldn’t be surprised though – think of twinkle twinkle, abcd and baa baa black sheep).




Author: ReadingMumma

I'm a Mum of 2 who loves reading (when I can find the time!). I'm embarking on the challenge of reading the 2017 Dymocks top 101.

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