Being a Mum…

Most of the aspects of being a Mum are well known and routine:

  • Nappies (including poo explosions, poo landslides, and general poo extravaganzas).
  • Sleepless nights (including sharing your bed, getting kicked in the head, belly and and scratched by extremely long toenails).
  • Constantly running late (and sometimes just skipping outings all together because the stress of getting everyone out the door is too much).
  • Yelling… a lot. And promising yourself each day you’ll yell less. And breaking your promise by 7am.

Just to name a few.

But lately I find it is the more obscure aspects of being a Mum that form part of just about every day.

Being a Mum:

  • Sometimes means providing very descriptive and literal explanations of concepts we take for granted.  Like why we slow down for people crossing at the stripey white lines. I’m trying to work out if I’ve done a good job of this one. V1’s explanation is ‘so we don’t bump the person. Otherwise they might die sad’.
  • Sometimes means sniffing under your arms every 5 minutes at work because there is a suspicious smell in the air around you, and you are pretty sure in all the rushing to get out the door that you forgot to put deodorant on.
  • Means over analysing everything your kids watch on TV  (after you’ve finished berating yourself about the amount of TV your kids watch) including observing things like 10 minutes after escaping her tower, Rapunzel is entertaining a bunch of unsavoury men, while dancing barefoot on top of a bar.
  • Means gaining a whole different skillset.  Such as the Sleeping Beauty Carseat extraction focusing on removing a sleeping baby from the car and maintaining said state. This week’s skillset was built upon by achieving my stretch goal in bubble skills, specifically bubble splicing. In teaching V1 to wave the bubble wand, I have now successfully split one bubble into 4 (in 3 separate splitting actions) Before any of them popped. As well as ‘catching’ bubbles for V2 to pop herself. I’m not about to run off to the circus to nurture my new found talent, however it’s nice to keep on learning new things every day!
  • Means remembering that time is a flexible concept. My 5 minutes is different to my better half’s 5 minutes, which is very different to V2’s 5 minutes which isn’t even vaguely relative to V1’s 5 minutes.  (Incidentally V1 is well aware of this. Before exiting the bath I suggested he had 5 minutes more – he said ‘No, my 5 minutes’. Touche).

Author: ReadingMumma

I'm a Mum of 2 who loves reading (when I can find the time!). I'm embarking on the challenge of reading the 2017 Dymocks top 101.

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