Big Little Lies (Liane Moriarty)

In short: I loved every minute of it!

Recommendation: I couldn’t put it down and would recommend it to every Mum with some spare time (and to those who don’t have the spare time – find it!! You won’t regret it).

Summary: Jane is a single Mum who moves to a small town with her son, Ziggy. She makes friends with Madeleine on the first trip to drop Ziggy off to school and through Madeleine, she meets Celeste. As they become close, they learn a little more about each of their own complicated situations dealing with many issues Mums have to deal with such as bullying, step-mums, challenging relationships with husbands, bitchiness from cliquey Mums at school, rebellious teenagers and secrets from the past emerging. All three are amazing mothers who deal with their individual situations with poise and class – for the most! Without giving too much away there is a little bit of murder, intrigue, betrayal and a lot of delving into the school mum cliques and bitchiness. I couldn’t stop laughing and loved the witty banter throughout!


  • This was a genuinely funny read, which had me laughing on every page, mostly at the audacity of some of the school Mums.
  • Seeing the progression of Jane, the single Mum, as she struggles to overcome problems from her past.
  • Seeing three different but equally admirable Mums facing their own issues while still supporting each other without question.


  • Divorce and shared custody arrangements
  • Dealing with young kids and their ‘fibs’
  • Rebellious teenagers and how to best manage their attention grabs
  • Verbal and physical assault issues in relationships and taking the step to action
  • Overcoming past regrets and problems to move forward and enjoy every moment!

I know these themes sound rather heavy, but Liane Moriarty writes about them all with such a light touch that I enjoyed every moment. She writes with the perfect balance of seriousness and lightheartedness making this an amazing read – I was disappointed when it was finished (and have since read numerous of her other books!).