My Better Half’s Collection

Looking at the picture you might suggest the amount of bookshelf he has is unfair. Crammed, others would cry. Selfish you may call me. Yes, I’ll admit the books in his collection are the only ones on the shelves I’ve wedged in horizontally. Yes, his books are succinctly grouped into three shelves and aren’t even arranged by colour! (NB: the bottom two rows are mine!) Before you judge, take a closer look. His collection is arranged by author instead of colour. He has 73 books on his shelves consisting of a mere 9 authors (His Terry Goodkind’s are currently hiding under the bed). He is an incredibly loyal reader and I have spent hours attempting to rearrange these in a better way and this is where I got to. Since he simply doesn’t care how they are arranged, but only that he can find the one he would like to re-read next, it is how they stay!