My Collection

After spending some time arguing with myself over which genre some of the books in my collection belonged in, I decided I’d go with the old file by colour (and size, where possible) technique (yes, yes some of the colours are a little off but they are getting removed and replaced so much by the kids, it’s hard to keep up)!


Here is the current collection (overflowing from the shelves of course – due to the danger of toddler climbing and shelf toppling, we’ve gone with small, sturdy and tapered cases to avoid the risk. As they hold fewer books some of my previous tomes are on rotation on the floor piles. Until I’ve convinced my better half that we do need another piece of furniture to clutter our toy shop/book store of a home that is where they will remain, towers ever-growing. 20170217_135118

As is probably apparent, since most of my days are a shambolic collection of activities designed to placate the unexpected mood swings of the kidlets, I try to keep my books organised and neat. Perhaps I’m trying to balance the loss of control that is synonymous with two kids under 3, by keeping my books arranged so I can glance over and feel comforted that at least something in the house appears to be in order! (At least that was until my 10 month old started crawling and decided the bottom shelf (and, more accurately Good Omens) was fair game – sorry Terry and Neil but V2 ate the top right corner of the publishing data page. If it’s ever seen again, I’ll use some of the tape I used to fix V1’s not so upright, pop-up book).