V1’s Collection

I wrestled with the decision to post these pictures for some time.

Firstly, it reveals a number of things I often try to hide:

  • That I haven’t made my toddler’s bed after his nap;
  • That he, at 2.5, still sleeps with his dummies; and, perhaps most profoundly for me;
  • That I haven’t bothered to put his books on the shelf, or even close them or pile them neatly together from where they have been thrown onto the ground after the pre-bedtime reading.

When I look at his shelf I’m reminded of the memes I’ve read about visiting a mum’s house and seeing washing stacked on the tables meaning we have clean clothes. Similarly dishes in the sink means the kids are fed. Water on the bathroom floor would suggest it brushed past the kids bodies in the bathtub, so they are clean (at least I hope some of the water got on them before they splashed it out of the tub). So I’m choosing to apply this logic here. Books by the bed, on the bed, spines open, pages folded and bookcase overflowing, means they’ve been read. Before V2 came along I would have straightened it pre-nap. After V2, I’m now content that they are both down and asleep simultaneously so the books stay where they were strewn.